Improving Dentist-Patient Relationships

Patient-Dentist Mediation Process

Our Patient-Dentist Mediation Process enlists the assistance of neutral mediators to facilitate the resolution of a dispute between you and your patient.

Patient Communication Guide for ODA Members

Strengthen your patient relationships with our dentist-patient communication resources. The Patient Communication Guide for ODA Members provides you with some basic touch points and best practices in communicating with your patients, from the initial visit to discussion costs and insurance. It also gives you tips on how to deal with difficult patients and measuring patient satisfaction.

Patient Communication Resources

Being a dentist is not a one-dimensional role and a major part of being a trained medical professional is having awareness of your patients’ specific needs and experiences. We have materials and resources to help you better understand and care for patients in long-term care homes, patients with special needs and patients from marginalized communities. We can also help you talk to patients on topics like tobacco cessation and direct-to-consumer dentistry.