Networking That Shapes The Profession

ODA Component Societies

Get involved and breathe new life into your profession. Your local ODA component society is run by volunteer members who determine the events and benefits their societies will offer to their members, including continuing education, Oral Health Month activities, social functions, and business meetings where you discuss matters pertinent to the profession and your community. Our Component Society Outreach Program helps component societies reach their goals and ensure they have the tools they need to do so, such as design, printing, mail and broadcast email services, and an annual Leadership Summit.

Volunteer Leaders

Become a volunteer leader and serve on an ODA committee, working group or task force. We depend on member volunteers to contribute their insights on matters of
importance to the profession. It’s a great opportunity to increase your knowledge of the profession, work with some of the shining stars of the dental industry, hone your leadership skills and have your voice heard. Many of our members have told us about the fulfillment and satisfaction they’ve experienced after participating as an ODA volunteer leader.

Political Contact Dentist Network

Go with the flow for change. Join your peers in the Political Contact Dentist network who are working for political change at the local level to help shape the future of dentistry in the province.

General Council

Your Component Society sends representatives to the ODA’s General Council where they can lend their voice to the issues that will impact the profession tomorrow.