Lobbying Activities

Be heard. We have a dedicated team of dentist volunteers and expert staff who advocate on public and regulatory policies that affect the profession and patients. Focusing on provincial government lobbying activities, we work hard to get accessible and sustainable dental care for all. We are also involved in federal advocacy in partnership with the Canadian Dental Association.

At the municipal level, we work with component societies on issues such as the administration and delivery of public dental programs and community water fluoridation. We regularly provide input on regulatory and guidance policies developed by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario and other stakeholders. These policies affect the practice of dentistry and the oral health of people in Ontario.

While our advocacy efforts take place primarily behind the scenes, they have helped to significantly advance our profession.

Political Contact Dentist Network

Join your peers in the Political Contact Dentist network who are working for political change to help shape the future of dentistry in the province. Sometimes the biggest positive changes have their roots at the local level.

Practice Advisory Services

ODA Practice Advisory Services offers assistance with dental claims adjudication and payment problems, and well as profiling and auditing practices by Plan Administrators. They are just a call away at 416-922-3900 or 800-387-1393, ext. 3301, or by email at

Remote Areas Program

Increase support for an underserviced population. For nearly 30 years, the ODA has provided dental care services to Indigenous people in communities scattered across Northwestern Ontario through our Remote Areas Program.

COVID-19 Support

The unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Ontarians and our members has required the ODA to engage on a broad range of issues in quick succession and often simultaneously, including securing priority access for dentists and their teams to personal protective equipment and vaccines, and enhancing financial assistance for dentists, including access to small-business grants and supporting the Canadian Dental Association in its advocacy for extensions and enhancements to federal support programs.