Public Education

The public relies on us for information on dental care, prevention (including regular dental appointments!) and health and safety in the dental office. Now, there’s more information at their fingertips on the easy-to-use, mobile and searchable We’ve expanded on topics like dental procedures; dental benefits and costs; the dental team and specialists; and, more recently, information about the Canada Dental Care Plan. We encourage you to refer your patients to our website as an educational resource on oral health.

Smile Magazine

Coming soon! Formerly known as magazine, Smile is our public-focused and reader-friendly online publication you can refer your patients to. It offers engaging and informative content on topics like nutrition, common dental procedures, oral health risk factors and more.

Oral Health Month

Spread the word. Every April, we run a co-ordinated provincial Oral Health Month (OHM) campaign that may include media relations, advertising, social media and website resources for members. We also give support to individual component societies to run their OHM activities in their local communities to increase public awareness about the oral health-overall health connection and the importance of regular dental exams.

Media and Public Relations

We work to promote and enhance the reputation of dentists and highlight the importance of dental appointments through a range of communications strategies, including news releases, media interviews, advertising campaigns and social media. Our team is available to provide you with guidance and tips for dealing effectively with your local media outlets.