Public Education

The public relies on us for information on dental care and prevention, especially during the pandemic. Now, there’s more information at their fingertips than before. We’ve expanded on topics like visiting the dentist, oral diseases and prevention. We encourage you to refer your patients to our website as an educational resource.

Enhance your practice with our public education materials. In addition to our website, we offer a reader-friendly magazine, published twice a year and mailed to you with the Ontario Dentist journal. Put it on display in your reception where your patients can find out the latest information on common dental procedures, quitting smoking, stress and other topics of interest.

Oral Health Month

Spread the word. Our advertising campaign for Oral Health Month runs every April. The campaign increases public awareness about the link between oral health and overall health and emphasizes the importance of regular dental exams. Oral Health Month events, put on by local component societies across the province, support the campaign.

Media and Public Relations

ODA works to promote and enhance the reputation of dentists through a range of communications strategies, including news releases, media interviews, advertising campaigns and social media. Our team is available to provide you with guidance and tips for dealing effectively with your local media outlets, including assistance with creating key messages and drafting news releases.